Learn Crochet

This is the day to day log of how my friend learned to crochet. Read the story here.
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Class 1

1. Basics
  • How to hold the hook - The Pencil Method 
                                        - The Knife Method 
                                             (I use the Knife method.)
  • How to hold the Yarn
2. Stitches    (U.S. Terminology)

Making a Slip Knot
Chain Stitch
Slip Stitch
Single Crochet
Half Double Crochet
Double Crochet 
Treble Crochet
Double Treble
  • Making a Slip Knot

  • Chain Stitch

Assignment: Practice and master chain stitch

Class 2
  • Counting Chains
  • Slip Stitch

Slip Stitch Video

  • Single Crochet

Single Crochet Stitch Video

Class 3 

  • Half Double Crochet
  • Double Crochet
  • Treble Crochet
  • Double Treble 

Class 4 
  •  Changing Yarn color in crochet

Turning chains are made before turning the work to start the next row

Single crochet:         One Chain
Half double crochet: Two chains
Double crochet:        Three chains
Treble crochet:          Four chains  

  •  Crochet Symbols of Basic Stitches ( U.S. Terms)


Crochet in Round

Class 6

Granny Square

                                                  Basic Granny Square


Working in Front Loop and Back Loop of a stitch


Crochet Projects for Beginners



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  1. Nice hat. Great you are teaching your friend the craft of crochet.


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