Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Basic Embroidery Stitches : Back Stitch in Redwork Embroidery

Back Stitch 

Back stitch is a strong stitch used especially to outline in needlework embroidery and cross stitch projects or on seams in sewing. A variant of back stitch, the holbein stitch is used in Blackwork Embroidery. It is also used in embroidery for stems, lettering and outlining geometric and organic shapes


Back Stitch in Redwork  Embroidery 

I love Redwork Embroidery. The mere appearance of it makes me happy .
I have used back stitch throughout this redwork embroidery. This lovely pattern is from a book.

 Find all the Basic Embroidery Stitches  here

Monday, 27 June 2011

Fifteen Basic Embroidery Stitches

The classification of embroidery stitches is varied and followed in different ways by different embroiderers . I have mentioned about few stitches in this post that are used more commonly in embroidery projects and which a beginner in embroidery should know of.

Listed below are the embroidery stitches used most commonly and easy to learn & use by beginners.

I shall be working on embroidery patterns using these basic stitches.
Stay tuned for patterns and motifs using various embroidery stitches.
I would  be using each embroidery stitch for a particular type of embroidery that the stitch is intended to be used for or looks good in.

So lets start our journey......

I am posting here all the above mentioned stitches and the related forms of embroidery that I have worked and posted on this blog.


Line Stitches 


1. Back stitch    

2. Stem stitch & Outline stitch   

3. Straight Stitch  

4. Split Stitch 

5. Chain Stitch    

6. Running Stitch /Darning Stitch  

Filling Stitches

7Satin Stitch    :

8Long and Short Stitch  

Decorative Stitches

9.  Herringbone stitch    

10.  Buttonhole stitch      

11.  Blanket stitch          

12. Cross stitch       

13. Lazy Daisy Stitch/ Detached Chain Stitch

Knot Stitches

14. French Knot 


15. Couching   is a form of embroidery rather than a stitch.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Crochet Triangle Motif # 2

This is a wonderful triangle motif and does fulfill to some extent my search for solid triangle motifs .It was not a very easy job , but still managed to do justice to the pattern (at least that's what I think).I love the raised appearance and its texture. How about the color, Isn't it appealing?

Monday, 20 June 2011

Crochet Triangle Motif # 1

I am looking for good crochet triangle motifs for my next project. I came across this pattern and gave it a try.
It looks quite good ,but my search continues and will post here more motifs.

Here is the pattern. Click on the image to get a larger view.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

I won a giveaway!!!!!

I won a giveaway at Canadian Living last week and so soon i got a box with lovely fabric scraps .

The bird pattern and another with flowers  are so beautiful. Doesn't this look colorful ?

Another set......

One more.........

My daughter's favorite......

and now an eye candy........

Now i can start my Applique projects and use the checkered violet cloth to learn Gingham embroidery .
Thank you so much Canadian Living for this wonderful prize.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Strawberry Vine Embroidery

I wanted to indulge into embroidery for sometime. I got this lovely pattern and thought of giving it a try with different embroidery stitches.

Here comes a part of it. The flowers petal are made using padded satin stitch to give a raised appearance. The main stem is worked with heavy chain stitch , leaves using fish bone stitch and satin stitch. I have used stem stitch for the thin curly stems.

And now , the juicy strawberry .I tired to use the spiral trellis to make the strawberry , but when noticed an increase in the center of it ,  just joined it using buttonhole stitch .
The green sepals are worked with detached button hole.
I think the strawberry can be categorized under Stump work . What do you say?

Crochet Hats For My Little One

My little one was due in september last year . I made two hats for this little guy.
Oh !!! how much i love seeing him in these . Momma's boy in Momma's hat.



 I loved working the long single crochet stitch, as shown below .
The long single crochet  worked in green can be seen extending into the yellow stripe.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Monday, 6 June 2011

Magic Ring with Single Crochet: A Tutorial

Magic ring comes in handy when crocheting in rounds.
The most important advantage of this is to make adjustable center while crocheting.
The required number of stitches are made into a loose loop and then tightened to get a center hole of desired size.
here comes the tutorial of the magic ring using single crochet important for making esp. amigurumis and a whole lot of crochet stuffs.

Materials required:
Yarn , as required for the project.(I have used worsted weight yarn).
 hook , desired size.

Lets start.....

A loop is formed by placing the yarn tail behind the long end or the working yarn

Draw the working yarn through the loop as shown.

Now there is one loop on the hook

Chain 1 (this is not counted as a stitch)

Insert the hook into the loop, draw the working yarn to make an SC.
(Crocheting should be done over both loop and the yarn tail).
 Once required number of SC are made (I have made 10 SC here), stop working.

Hold the yarn tail and pull it, holding the loop over hook (with other hand )and the corresponding stitch tightly.

This will make the loop smaller to your desired size.

 The adjustable magic ring using single crochet is ready!!!!!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Simple And Elegant Crochet Doily

I love red colour a lot .The beauty of this doily lies in its simplicity .
It was an easy doily for me and loved the way it has come out.

Materials used:
100% mercerized cotton , red.approx. 120 m
steel hook no. 7


Pattern  is available HERE

Happy Crocheting.