Monday, 6 June 2011

Magic Ring with Single Crochet: A Tutorial

Magic ring comes in handy when crocheting in rounds.
The most important advantage of this is to make adjustable center while crocheting.
The required number of stitches are made into a loose loop and then tightened to get a center hole of desired size.
here comes the tutorial of the magic ring using single crochet important for making esp. amigurumis and a whole lot of crochet stuffs.

Materials required:
Yarn , as required for the project.(I have used worsted weight yarn).
 hook , desired size.

Lets start.....

A loop is formed by placing the yarn tail behind the long end or the working yarn

Draw the working yarn through the loop as shown.

Now there is one loop on the hook

Chain 1 (this is not counted as a stitch)

Insert the hook into the loop, draw the working yarn to make an SC.
(Crocheting should be done over both loop and the yarn tail).
 Once required number of SC are made (I have made 10 SC here), stop working.

Hold the yarn tail and pull it, holding the loop over hook (with other hand )and the corresponding stitch tightly.

This will make the loop smaller to your desired size.

 The adjustable magic ring using single crochet is ready!!!!!

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