Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Casalguidi Embroidery Tutorial

Casalguidi Embroidery is a form of Italian pulled fabric needlework. The casalguidi stitch produces a raised, textured look. Long grape vines, borders, worms serpents can be made using this stitch to give a raised or three dimensional appearance.

I have used Casalguidi embroidery here
Here is the tutorial for the Casalguidi stitch

Materials Required: 
Knitting yarn
Embroidery threads (i have used two colours)
Embroidery needle.

Take 3-4 strands of knitting yarn  or as required . Start with overcasting stitch or couching very closely.

Overcasting completed and  knitting yarn at the ends ready to be trimmed

The ends are now trimmed and overcasting continued to close one end.

The wrong side of the fabric shows how to take the needle to the other end to close it by overcasting.

The other end closed using overcasting. Now it is ready for stem stitch covering.

Stem stitch started .

One row of stem stitch finished.

This is how the stitch looks after few rows of stem stitch are done

The completed casalguidi stitch 

Wish you a lovely day , everyday.

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