Monday, 14 January 2013

Hand Applique Using Blanket Stitch - A Tutorial

Materials Required:

1. Main / Backing fabric
2. Fabric scraps for the applique
3. Design template
4. Fusible web (optional)- I have used the web obtained from the boys cap while recycling it.
5. Needle and Embroidery floss
6. Stick glue Adhesive


1. Apply the glue lightly on the template. 

Place it on the back side of the fabric scrap and press . Take care that the fabric is taut and not folded or loose anywhere.

Cut out the design carefully. 

I find this method easier than drawing the design on the fabric and then cutting it, as with this method the fabric is firmer while cutting out the design and saves time taken to draw the design on fabric.

Now peel off the fabric very carefully and slowly from the template  so as not to damage or fray the sides of the fabric. I have found this glue not very sticky hence doesn't hold the fabric very strong against the template when applied in moderate quantity. 

Do not leave the fabric glued to the template for a long time.

I got this web while recycling a cap, and found that it could stick the fabrics together when ironed.

Cut out the web along the borders of the design carefully.
Using a web is optional.

Stick the applique to the main fabric using Iron on method if you are using a fusible web or use the stick glue to adhere the applique directly to the main fabric.

Use an embroidery hoop and start with the Blanket stitch.

First stitch in place and working the second stitch.

Note the stitch place at the groove.
Keep the stitches at equal distance from each other.
While stitching in curves slant the stitches appropriately to get a uniform stitching.


Back side of the fabric

 Happy Stitching!!!!


  1. Thank you, Royce. I never know where/how to start and I do believe your illustration sorted that out for me - for that I am grateful.

  2. Your timing with this post couldn't have come at a more perfect time for me. I'm working on a quilt right now that has flowers and vines appliqued over a pieced trellis (diamonds) pattern. I've been debating just how I'd quilt it. Thanks.!!


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