Monday, 1 July 2013

My First Quilt

Materials Used:

Fabric obtained from old T- shirts
Batting (from old pillows)
Bed sheet for the backing
Sewing Machine ( I used the regular sewing machine , as it was a small quilt)

I had an idea of recycling my kids' clothes ,especially the T-shirts, as there were loads of these packed into a bundle and enjoying the security of a box and consuming lots of space.

I cut the shirts so as to get those areas that I could use to make a quilt.
There were many square and rectangular pieces.
First I sewed all the pieces together to make the quilt facing. Then a sandwich of this with the batting and a besheet used for the backing.

The quilt is ready.......

I am making a tutorial on how I made this quilt , but will be posted only after the summer holidays.

Happy Holidays !


  1. Thank you very much, friend! I asked her to remove. She withdrew. Denounced to Google. She deleted. Again, thank you! Thanks very much! Hugs

  2. Seus trabalhos estão lindos!


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