Tuesday, 28 November 2017

10 Origami/Paper Stars for Christmas

Come Christmas joy, I will be full of Christmas spirit.....
We asked for a story of lands afar,
And he told us a story of the Christmas star.
How it came and shone where the baby lay,
Who gave us the beautiful Christmas day.

- Anonymous

Here are Ten paper Christmas stars that your kids would love to make this Christmas. These would make wonderful Christmas decorations as single stars hung from the ceiling, as tree toppers or even as tree ornaments

1.Moravian Star

2. One Cut Star

3.  3-D Lacy Star

4. Paper Bag star

    Paper Bag Star Version 2

5. Polish Paper Star

6. Christmas Star

7. Tiny Origami Lucky Stars

8.3-d Origami Star

9. Star of David

10. Star Within a Star

Happy Crafting!!!!

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