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Basic Embroidery Stitches : Straight Stitch and Variations

Straight stitch is the most basic stitch of the hundreds of stitches used for embroidery.

Straight Stitch

Straight Stitch

Running stitch is orderly placed straight stitches in a row

Straight Stitch

A stitch that one need not 'learn', but, comes automatically when given a needle and thread. Probably, the foundation of most of the stitches

And, if one thinks out of the box, Stem stitch, Back stitch and even the Fish bone Stitch would seem to be variations of Straight Stitch.

Here are eight pictures of Embroideries using straight stitch. Look how a small difference in strokes gives varied appearance. Click on the pictures to Go to the respective websites.





And last but not the least

Source: Pinterest 

Variations of Straight stitch are :

  1. Running Stitch
  2. Satin Stitch
  3. Granitos
  4. Bundle Stitch
  5. Holbein Stitch
  6. Fern Stitch
  7. Thorn Stitch
  8. Seeding stitch,
  9. Seed stitch
  10. Eyelet Stitch
  11. Diamond Eyelet Stitch
  12. Spoke stitch
  13. Algerian Stitch
  14. Zig zag Stitch
  15. Arrowhead Stitch
  16. Bosnian Stitch
  17. Paris Stitch
  18. Four Sided Stitch
  19. Lantern Stitch
  20. Fan Stitch
  21. Radiating Stitch

Where all Straight Stitch is exclusively used:

Upcoming posts

1. Bundle Stitch
2. Fern Stitch Vs. Thorn Stitch
3. Seed Stitch Vs. Seeding Stitch
4. Eyelet Stitch, Diamond Eyelet Stitch, Algerian Stitch and Spoke Stitch
5. Zig Zag Stitch, Arrowhead Stitch and Bosnian Stitch
6. Paris Stitch Vs. Four Sided Stitch
7. Lantern Stitch, Fan Stitch and Radiating Stitch

Happy Stitching!

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