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Basic Embroidery Stitches : Satin Stitch

Satin stitch, also known as Damask stitch is used exclusively for filling in embroidery projects.However, it has limitations in filling large areas, where few variants of satin stitch can be used.

This is a part of an embroidery project, where I have used satin stitch for all the fillings. I really love the way the leaves have come out , especially with the distinct central vein.

Here is another Satin Stitch project that i finished today.
The design is from Needlecrafter

All the fillings have done with satin stitch , except the flower , where I have used Long and short stitch.

You can get the method of filling a circle using satin stitch here

Have a look at the satin stitched flower bud. It has been outlined with back stitch.

The circular center of the flower has been filled in two ways .
The inner circle using straight satin stitch....
and the outer circle using radiating satin stitch ( that is another way to satin stitch a circle)

Check out the pictorial representation of how a leaf is filled using Satin stitch.

 Start from the center . Always work on lines marked that correspond the stitch direction.

Finish one half and then head towards the other side .

The satin stitched leaf.

Variants of stem stitch include:  

 Surface satin stitch  : The stitch looks very much similar to the regular satin stitch , except that the needle,  after each stitch is brought immediately up again, and the thread is carried back on the upper instead of the wrong side of the fabric, so that less thread is seen or used up on the under surface of the pattern
An advantage of  this stitch is that lot of thread is saved , esp. while using silk threads.
The disadvantage is that the effect is not as good as the regular satin stitch. Moreover, the work is not so lasting as when it is solid.

Brick stitch,

Encroaching satin stitch 

Long-and-short stitch 

Padded satin stitch : in which shapes are filled with rows of small running stitches which are then covered with satin stitches.

I have worked a flower with padded satin stitch, which was posted here sometime back.
Note the raised appearance of the flower below that was worked using padded satin stitch .The leaf seen in the below picture is also worked using satin stitch.

Find all the basic embroidery stitches here.

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