Sunday, 25 September 2011

How to Satin Stitch a Circle

Here is the easy way to satin stitch a circle , which also gives an almost perfect embroidered circle.

1. Mark the direction of stitches as parallel lines in the circle to be embroidered .

 Start embroidering at the center of the circle , so that the first stitch corresponds to the diameter of the circle

Continue stitching towards one side . As shown in the picture below, one half of the circle is filled using satin stitch.

Here is the satin stitched circle.

Now , the finished work.

Happy stitching !!!!



  1. Thanks for sharing, and take so much time with the photos. From Spain ¡Gracias!.

    1. Its my pleasure and thank you so much for your appreciation.

  2. Night but how about .. a big semi circle


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