Sunday, 2 October 2011

Long and Short Stitch : The Direction of Stitches

The very important aspect while working long and short stitch ( for that matter, any filling stitch) is the direction of stitches

I happened to come across a very informative article on the direction of stitches at Victorian Embroidery and Crafts.

I am posting here a few excerpts from that article .

The most important questions which arise in the mind of the embroiderer when she attempts work which is something more than mechanical is that of the slant or “direction” stitches should take. A most satisfactory answer applicable to our nature designs is this: “The stitches should take the same direction as do the lines of texture in the flowers and leaves.”

We find that we can do this by considering every form whether composed of curved or straight lines in its relation to a circle constructed on the center-of-radiation of the form.

The base of a flower or leaf is the point of attachment between it and its stem, and this is its center-of-radiation. Set one arm of the compass upon this point and construct a circle which shall contain the form, draw its radii, and the mathematically correct direction of every stitch will at once be apparent.

Happy Stitching!!!!!!!!

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