Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Needle Painting and A Recap

As mentioned in the introduction post , I shall be trying to relate each basic embroidery stitch to a form of embroidery . I have been posting a form of embroidery related to the stitch in each post.

Back Stitch and the Redwork 

Stem Stitch and the Casalguidi Embroidery

Satin Stitch and Long and Short Stitch  with Needle painting

Needle Painting

Needle Painting  also called as thread painting is an art of 'painting with threads'. The most common stitches used in needle painting are Long and Short stitch and Satin stitch. Other stitches that are used are Stem stitch , Knot stitches , Split stitch and Chain stitch.

 The beauty and success of thread painting depends mainly on shading, where direction of stitches and correct selection of thread colors play an important role.
This is  tulip design from the website Needle n thread. I worked this design with Long and Short Stitch using two color threads for the flower and for the leaves .
Had I used more colors , the merging would have been better with better shading. Still I am quite pleased with the result .

I am working on two more needle painting projects and will post as soon as I finish those.

Another Needle Painting Project

One of the Needle Painting projects is a scenery , that , I need some courage and time in working out .
 Here is the design and I shall post each day progress here . All kinds of suggestions and opinions are welcome.

 Thank you ,

Happy Stitching.

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