Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Darning : Pattern Darning with Free Samplers

Its a long time since I posted here.The climate here is changing and is bringing with it some relief from the scorching heat of the Middle East.

I was just researching more on Darning during these days , and hopefully will post things that are useful to you all.
I am really surprised by the numerous ways in which this simple darning stitch can be used .
Here are few examples,

1.       Pattern Darning
2.       Swedish Embroidery or Huckaback Weaving
3.       Damask Darning
4.       Double Darning
5.       Surface Darning
6.       Japanese Darning 
7.       Net Darning
8.       Needle Weaving 

and may be more .......

 The one famous of these is Pattern Darning.


Pattern darning is an embroidery technique that follows the warp and weft of the fabric fibers. It is a counted thread embroidery. At its simplest, it is a running stitch that moves in either a horizontal or vertical line. The part designed to show is on top of the fabric and the remainder is behind. Usually done with more than one strand of embroidery thread, it is an extremely versatile form of embroidery.

Darning patterns can be horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Some patterns use combinations of these, but the stitching method remains the running stitch.

Pattern darning is usually related to the Black work techniques.

Here is an example of Pattern Darning at the border of the sampler and Black Work in the center.

This image of Pattern darning  is from here . This website also give a wonderful tutorial for the same.

Want more patterns for Pattern Darning ?
Check Out ............

Free Pattern Darning Samplers                                                     

Hope you enjoyed reading today's find .

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  1. I had never heard of this type of needlework. I just found out about redwork and black work a few months ago from the links I had found through Pinterest. Thank you for all the needle work found on this and the other methods of darning. the only one i was familiar with was the Swedish stitch, which i have seen but never tried. It will be nice to explore all these new needle work options
    Thank you again.


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