Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Free Embroidery Pattern: A Simple Floral design

Its time for an free embroidery pattern. This is a very simple flower design , that anyone can work on , even beginners. My last post was on Herringbone stitch ; So, this design should be dedicated to that and would look wonderful when worked in herringbone stitch.
This can be used as a single motif or many motifs can be stitched for a large project. Beginners can use this simple and easy design to learn herringbone stitch.Re-size this design to your choice.
I would really love to hear from you if you are going to use these or if you plan to use it in a different way with different stitches.

Happy Stitching!!!  


  1. Thank you for this design .... I will likely stitch it in backstitch.

  2. thank you for your design however i do like embroidery but in my case i am not using the design for embroidery, i am using this design to spruce up my mama's funeral pots for the cemetary

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