Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bunny Project in Progress : Granito Stitch for the Eye

This post is a continuation from
The Bunny Project

You are welcome to join me if you want to stitch along .

Using an embroidery hoop for Shadow embroidery is mandatory.
I have used 2 strands of DMC six strand embroidery floss.


1. Eye

The Eye is worked in Granito stitch , in vertical direction with 5 stitches, using black color.


Here I would be working a 5- Stitch Granito

Granitos are easy and quick to make stitches made of several straight stitches . A minimum of 5 straight stitches are required to make one granito. Doesn't the stitch resemble a tiny grain?

The striking feature of this stitch is that the stitches are made in the same 2 holes on fabric .
The stitches should lie along side each other and not over one another, hence , each stitch has to be guided to its position while stitching 

Step 1: To make the First stitch

Bring the thread to the front at A .
Take the needle to the back at B and bring it up to the front at A.

Step 2: Second stitch

After completing the first stitch, the needle is again passed from B to A , to make the second stitch.
Note that the thread lies on the right side of the needle , hence the stitch should be guided to the right side of the first stitch.

Step 3: Make the Third stitch

Now the thread is taken to the left side of the first stitch so that the next stitch lies to its left.

Step 4: Make the Fourth stitch

Fourth stitch lies on the right side.
More stitches are made alternating the sides .

Step 5: Make the Fifth stitch

The fifth and final stitch ( as made for this project) is made, and the needle is passed on to the back of the fabric, thus , finishing one granito

One Granito made.
A more circular granito can be made by reducing the A-B distance.

Increasing the number of stitches will make a larger granito.


  1. Not a stitch I was familiar with so I thank you for sharing it. I can see lots of potential for using this one.

    1. very true , am too planning to use this stitch for another project.


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