Monday, 6 February 2012

Void Embroidery Using Pattern Darning

Darning stitch is so versatile and still very little has been documented. The simplicity of the stitch makes it easy to be used is various embroidery forms. 
I have already posted a detailed introduction on darning stitch here.   
I have also posted various pattern darning designs and a darning stitch sampler.

Recently I happened to read about void embroidery online. Unfortunately, I could not find that again.  It had described about how stitches are used only in the background of the design thus relieving the design. Hence, the embroidery is mainly done outside the design.
This remindes me of another form of embroidery called Assisi Embroidery 

Assisi Embroidery is a counted-thread embroidery based on an Italian tradition where the motifs are outlined in a double running (Holbein) stitch, leaving the interior void. The background is stitched using cross-stitch.

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Here is my first post for the Valentine's Month.
I worked this little cute cupid - heart design using the technique of void embroidery. I just filled the heart around the cupid using darning stitch, thus, relieving the plump cupid. 

 What is this type of embroidery called?

This is a form of pattern darning where all the work is done on the background and the design is left untouched. Rows of darning stitch is used to fill the background. Here the design is not outlined but is shown off due to the stitched background.

Now the close up view of the little cupid.

This picture shows clearly the darning stitches in the background.

Do you know about void embroidery styles ? If yes, Please share it here . I would be happy to know more about this.



Voided work - Historical Needlework Resources

Fragment of Voided Work Border, Italian, 16th C


  1. The cupid you did is such a clever way to use the running stitch! Assisi embroidery is beautiful. Found out about it a couple of years ago when I was learning sashiko (a Japanese form of embroidery using the running stitch).

    1. Thank you so much.
      I am still to work the sashiko that I have mentioned in my previous posts here.
      You can read more about sashiko under 'Embroidery Sashiko' in Categories Section on the right side.


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