Friday, 21 September 2012

How I Made The T-Yarn

An old T shirt that had to be recycled.
I have cut around 3 T - shirts before I got the technique right.


The T shirt should be seamless, that is , not stitched on sides.


Carefully cut over the line joining the arm holes, A measuring tape can be placed over the T shirt joining the arm holes to aid in cutting.

I cut the bottom part along the stitch so as to get the width proper.

Fold the cut T shirt leaving the bottom flap an inch or little more extra.

Start cutting the T shirt into strips of equal width, so as to maintain uniform yarn thickness throughout.

One method that I used to get equal width throughout is by placing the long strip obtained by cutting the bottom part of T shirt over the original cloth as shown below.

While cutting the last few strips adjust the width by cutting few millimeters more or less so as to get almost the same width.

In case you need thinner yarn , cut the strips more narrower.

The T shirt has been cut into strips

The T shirt unfolded after cutting it into strips.
You can see that the top one inch is uncut.

I placed a thick plastic carry bag between the two flaps where next stage of cutting has to be done.

Closer view

The first cut is made like this,

Next cut,

Complete cutting across

To form the strip into a yarn , pull the yarn holding the two sides

Want to see what I used this yarn for . Check it out here


  1. And to think they sell 'plarn' online, think its even on ebay.........and am sure its this very same fabric! Though it may be the ends of fabrics in the t shirt cutting process come to think of it, so its 'waste' yarn from a commercial production.
    So much nicer to be able to recycle our own clothing! Nice clear pics to expalin it too : )

    1. Thank you liniecat for dropping by,

      Plarn is made up of plastic , mainly from the thin plastic carry bags. These make stiffer products .T yarn is made of fabric.

  2. Thanks for this nice and practical tutorial, for some time I was thinking of doing this, now I have no excuses. This is a great tutorial, well explained, thanks again. Marisa

    1. You are most welcome. I am glad that you liked it .

  3. Thank you for this tutorial, wasn't sure how to start this & wasn't sure how to get it cut just right.

    1. Glad that you liked it and this was helpful. thanks.

  4. Excellent tutorial! I've always wanted to learn how to do this but never could figure it out. This was explained so clearly. Thanks for sharing. Tina S


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