Monday, 10 September 2012

Name this Applique Work

This is an applique work that I did when I was in school. We were told that it was a kind of applique work and I never bothered to know more about its origin and the name. My zeal to know more about this has brought this work here.

I searched on net for this kind of embroidery and could find that it is an Indian kind of embroidery.

It would be very nice if anyone could give me the details on this form of embroidery.

The obvious features of this Applique work are that,
  • The background fabric is red ( or bright in color).
  • The applique is done with black fabric .
  • Chain stitch with white thread is used to fix the applique to the base.
Looking for responses ....


  1. Gosh its striking and seems south american in its stialised design.
    Id be interested to know too whether its a specific kind of applique.
    Hmong applique springs to mind but dont think thats what it is. Good luck looking tho!

    1. Thank you for your reply liniecat. Few states in India or may be one , does this kind of embroidery , I am not sure which one.

  2. OK, maybe these links will help?

    I think it the technique might originate in Pipili Village? I think it is referred to as PIPILI APPLIQUE?

    Hope that helps you in your search?

    Cynthia Roy

    1. Cynthia,
      Thank you so much for the links .These provide lot of information.
      yes, this seems to be Pipli applique.


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