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Basic Embroidery Stitches: Cross Stitch

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Cross stitch is one of the oldest and most widely used embroidery techniques that consist of two slanting stitches that cross each other in the center. The term “cross-stitch” refers to both the type of embroidery and the stitch itself. It is a popular form of embroidery throughout the world.

The most common base fabric for cross-stitch is a balanced plain weave or the Aida fabric.

Zweigart Aida Fabric  - 14 Count - Light Hessian

The size of the weave is measured by how many stitches can be made in one inch. This is called the fabric's count. 

  •  Aida cloth with 8, 11, 14, 16, 18 and 28 stitches per inch are available.
  • The most commonly used Aida Cloths are 11 and 14. 
  • The higher the number, the smaller the stitches will be, because there are more stitches in each inch. 
  • Beginners may  start with 11-count or 14-count Aida Cloth, as it is easy to see where to place the stitches. 8- count Aida cloth may be used for teaching kids. 
  • Stitching on fabric that is 28-count or higher requires good lighting and careful counting.
 Floss Used
  • 4 strands on 8 count
  • 3 strands on 11 count
  • 2 strands on 16 & 18 count
  • Back stitch  with 1 strand less than that used for the cross stitch
( only suggestions and can be varied)

 Blunt tapestry needles are used for cross stitching. 
20 or 22 tapestry on 8 and 11 count
24 tapestry on 14 count
26 tapestry on 26 and 18 count

( only suggestions and can be varied)

Various uses of cross stitch
  • Assisi embroidery uses red or blue cross-stitches to create a pattern in negative, similar to black work.
  •  The most widely used variations are herringbone and fish-bone stitch.It can be used to join pieces of fabric or in ornamental variations commonly used in patchwork crazy quilting. Fishbone stitch is worked with the crossovers in the center like a spine and is used to create leaves in crewelwork embroidery.
  • Chicken scratch  / Gingham embroidery

Types of Cross stitch
  •  Cross Stitch
  • Half Stitch
  • Quarter Stitch
  • 3- Quarter Stitch 
  • Back Stitch  
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