Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Chicken Scratch/Gingham Embroidery: The Stitches -1

  1. Cross Stitch
  2. Double Cross Stitch (Smyrna Cross)
  3. Straight Stitch
  4. Woven Circle Stitch

Cross Stitch

Double Cross Stitch (Smyrna Cross)

It is a variation of the cross stitch.
First a cross stitch is made and then continued as shown below.

Straight Stitch
 Straight stitch can be horizontal or vertical

Woven Circle Stitch

1. Start by making four straight stitches.
2. Get the needle up at a point as shown ( in  fig 2)
3. Take the needle under the remaining three stitches  ( as shown in fig. 3 and 4)
4. Go under the first stitch and the remaining stitches once more  ( as shown in 4, 5 and 6)

 7. Finish the woven circle stitch by going down at the same point where the needle was brought up.
8. Completed woven circle stitch.

We will make a pattern with these stitches in the next post

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