Monday, 27 January 2014

Gingham Embroidery : Ribbon Lace Stitch

1. Ribbon Lace Stitch

Bring the needle out at 1 
take the needle under the fabric at 2 and bring out at 3
Take the needle under the inner leg of the double cross stitch at 4 
Continue weaving at 5 and 6

Pass the needle as shown below to make a lace.

At the end of the row take the needle unde the fabric at A in order to make a cross stitch.

Make a cross stitch and continue weaving.

Here is the ribbon lace stitch.

2. Continuous Ribbon Lace Stitch

Bring the needle out at A and weave clockwise as indicated (with arrows) below.
Once you reach complete one round and reach A make a cross stitch.

Then Weave anti clockwise.
Most important: Check how the corners are worked 

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