Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Gingham Embroidery: Stitches -III (Woven Oval Stitch)



Woven Oval Stitch and Variations


Woven Oval Stitch

1. Cross stitches in the same color cells are made as shown below.

2. Bring the needle up at one of the legs of the cross stitch and weave ovals under the legs diagonally opposite to the first one, as shown below 

3. Repeat the weaving once again to get a thicker texture and finish off by taking the needle down at the same entry point.

4. Make ovals on all four sides to get the flower petal appearance.


Woven Oval Variation 1

This stitch uses double cross stitch instead of cross stitch to anchor the woven ovals in all 8 directions.   



Woven Oval Variation 2

 One oval is woven under the other one to form this.
You can weave once more for a better look as the one shown below.



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  1. The variation of woven oval is simply beautiful. I am hearing it for the first time.


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