Monday, 26 March 2012

The Bunny Project: Feet

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5. Feet :

The feet of the bunny are outlined first in back stitch and then darning thread across these back stitches on the back of the work.

Back stitch started.

Feet outlined using back stitch.

Weaving of thread across the stitches on the back side of the work.
The knot that is seen is the starting knot of back stitch.

Darning / Weaving completed. Check the picture below to find the direction of stitches used .

The first stitch anchors on the few herringbone stitches of the body and then follows the direction as marked.
I felt the weaving was too little owing to the longer length of the stitches on the front. This was mainly due to the kind of fabric I used.

I took an extra step to weave in the opposite direction too. This is totally a optional step and can be omitted also because the work looks perfect even without this. Overcrowding stitches should be avoided here as the area is small.

I completed the work and Ironed it. It does look great.
The Easter bunny is getting ready!!!!

Back side of the work looks like this.

Happy Stitching!!!

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