Friday, 30 March 2012

Bunny Project : Completed

Here is the finished picture of the Bunny Project, in time for Easter.
Follow the above link to go to the step by step procedure on this project.

My advance Easter wishes to all my lovely readers.......

Of course , Spring has arrived !!!!!

I have worked all the petals , leaves and flower center with Granito stitch.
Flower petals : 8-stitch granito
Flower center : 6-stitch granito 
Leaves : 6- stitch granito
Stem : Stem stitch 


  1. Absolutely beautiful! What an adorable rabbit - thanks for letting us follow along, step by step. i can't wait to try out your techniques

    1. Thank you ... Do give it a try , it will look beautiful.

  2. Very nice my dear ! You did great job :)

  3. I like the idea/technique. I had never heard of shadow embroidery before this.

  4. Beautiful work. Neatly stitched.


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