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Basic Embroidery Stitches: Buttonhole Stitch and Tailor's Buttonhole Stitch

Buttonhole Stitch 

Buttonhole Stitch is a versatile embroidery stitch that can either embellish an existing fabric or be used to create a fabric on its own.
It is functional in its ability to reinforce edges and, at the same time, highly decorative with many different variations.

The original buttonhole stitch is worked similar to the blanket stitch except that the stitches are closely placed. Check here for the original Buttonhole Stitch

The buttonhole stitch has several variations, the commonest ones are :
  • Tailor's Buttonhole Stitch
  • Eyelet stitch
  • Detached buttonhole stitch

Buttonhole stitch has a solid appearance, completely covers raw edges, and is especially suited for scalloped edges and Cutwork floral motifs.

Other uses of Buttonhole Stitch include: Drawn thread work, Mirror work, White-work etc

Tailor's Buttonhole Stitch

The Tailor's buttonhole stitch is the most appropriate stitch for sewing buttonholes. It is used to prevent fraying of the buttonhole. Since it has a small half-knot at the top of each stitch it is also less likely to unravel if the thread is broken, something that is likely to happen eventually, from use. 

Stitch Direction

source: click on the image

This is how I worked the buttonhole stitch

 One buttonhole stitch ( knot) made

 More stitches being made
See how the knots are formed.

The knots formed are clearly visible.

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