Monday, 9 July 2012

Cutwork Embroidery Project : Buttonhole Bar

Cutwork Embroidery is made up of mainly buttonhole bars , eyelets and the cut, raw borders secured with buttonhole stitch or satin stitch. I am using the buttonhole stitch exclusively for this project. The design used is very suitable for first timers (I am one among them) with just buttonhole bars and buttonhole borders.

Here is a pictorial presentation of the cutwork embroidery here.

The design I have used is very simple.
Stitch the running stitch on one edge of the open space starting at 'A'.
Continue stitching around till the first bar is reached. The stitch should be such that the stitches on front should be longer than that on the wrong side of the fabric . This is called the darning stitch

See how the last running stitch is made covering the bar, before the first buttonhole bar is started.

When you reach a crossbar, stitch across the opposite edge of space.
You can see the needle going under the two stitches on the two opposite edges.

Bring back the needle under the stitch on opposite edge only.

In a similar manner make the third cross stitch for first cross bar, taking the needle under the stitch on opposite side only.

Start stitching for the first buttonhole bar as shown above.
Take care not to pick the fabric below the bar.

Buttonhole bar in progress.

You can see in the above picture how the needle is taken under the fabric after finishing the buttonhole bar ,so the the bar remains straight. Continue stitching as shown below.

Continue stitching the running stitch over the border as done before till another bar is reached.

Buttonhole bars are done and the work is ready for next step.........

Next post will be on how to cut the fabric and secure the borders with buttonhole stitch.

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  1. this is such a beautiful piece of work.. i have been searching for hand done cutwork tutorials .. your work is very inspiring..


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