Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Cutwork Embroidery : Stitching The Cut Edges

This post is a continuation of Cutwork Embroidery Project : Buttonhole Bar

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Next step is to cut the fabric as shown in the graphic below without damaging the buttonhole bars above.

The small cuts across the raw edge helps to relieve tension over the edges when the fabric is folded inwards.

Start stitching the raw edges with Tailor's Buttonhole Stitch  folding the fabric inwards at the line formed by running stitch. 
Check the link for correct stitch instructions.

Check the insertion of needle at the start of the stitch. But , pull the needle and thread in the opposite direction towards right side to get a proper knot at the edge.
The black pen mark around the border that can be seen is drawn to have uniform width of the stitch. 

Work the Buttonhole Stitch across the edge to finish. The above picture shows the finished work on one side.

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