Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Single Crochet Pouch : Project for Beginners

This is the part of the Learn Crochet series

This is a very simple project that requires only Single Crochet.
Wonderful and easy to do with lots of possibilities in color combination.

This is not yet completed....
It needs a lining, a zipper and probably a handle ( I have made a buttonhole at the sides for the handle and can be seen in the first picture).

Materials Used

I have used a local worsted weight yarn and a 3.5 mm hook
The base measures 7 x 2.5 inches and the height of the pouch is almost 7 inches.



  • The base of the pouch is made first and then continued as the body.

  • The number of foundation chains can be increased or decreased to alter the size of the pouch.
  • The size of the hook and the type of yarn also determines the size of the pouch.
  • The number of chains in the foundation chain can be made according to the pattern as 20 or increased to as much as 30 
  • I had made 25 chains and increased the rows up to  7 ( whereas the pattern shows only 5 rows )

Base of the pouch

Body of the pouch

Row 6 
Working in back loops
SC in next SC across. Join to the Ch 1 of the previous row.

Row 7 - 50 or till the desired height is obtained
Working in both the loops
SC in Next SC across. Join to the Ch 1 of the previous row.
Change colors at the beginning of the row as when desired. ( how to change color)

Happy Crocheting!

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