Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Four Patch Square Quilt Block

After the 6" Solid Square Block, next in line is the 6 " Four Patch Square Quilt Block

In coordination with the Solid Block I have decided to make a finished 6" block

A 6 ½˝ Four patch square block 
 ( Ideally called as a finished 6" Four patch square block)

To get the correct measurements:

A Four patch Square Block can be divided into four smaller equal squares. So for a 6" finished square, each smaller finished square would be 3" .
  • A square’s length and width are equal. 
  • ¼˝ seam allowance should be added to both sides of the square’s width and length: 
¼˝ x 2 = ½˝. 
So the each squares will be 3˝ x 3˝ plus ½˝ for seam allowances = 3 ½˝

 Pieces joined using chain piecing method

 Ironing the pieces at seams is  really important after every sewing.

Alternative Easier method

When there is enough fabric to get longer strips, this easier method is used.
I know that the borders are not accurate.... but yes, the measurements are.

 Next step is to sew the pieces together.
Getting the centre point was quite tricky for me.

 The four patch square quilt block is ready.

 So, now I have solid blocks and four patch square blocks. Preparing for something more interesting.

After making these blocks, I am seriously thinking of investing in a rotary cutter and mat ( It does cost a lot ... )


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