Monday, 18 January 2016

Quilting : 6 inches Solid Square Block


 After My First Quilt I had planned to make another and a more tidier one with proper blocks. Having decided so I had great deal to learn before attempting patchwork to make a quilt top. 

Starting from planning the layout, choosing fabric to making beautiful quilt blocks; not to forget the measurements or maths involved in making accurate blocks - involved lots of research

The first thing I had to decide upon was the size of each quilt block. 
I chose to make  6 inches quilt blocks ( neither too small nor too large). 
The best way to start making quilt blocks is to make a solid quilt block.

  • For a 6 " finished quilt block,  a 6" template out of cardboard is cut.

Using the template mark a 6" square on the desired fabric.

Using the scale measure, mark and cut 1/4 " seam allowance all around the 6" square, that makes it a 6 1/2" square.  

The inner marking works as a guide to sew over while joining the pieces.
Though My sewing machine has a guide to sew 1/4 " seam it is quite difficult for a beginner like me to get the right seam allowance. 
Yes, I need lots of practice..... 

 The 6 inches block ( in terms of finished block) is ready.


  1. It is 100 times easier and quicker to invest in an acrylic ruler and rotary cutter. There's no marking, you can cut several layers at once and it's more accurate. I'd really recommend them

  2. Thank you Wendy for the suggestion and I totally agree to what you said,especially when many blocks have to be made.
    I really would love to own one rotary cutter but haven't seen one in my locality.
    So for someone like me who is just trying to make blocks out of curiosity and just to finish the
    scraps at home, this method would work.


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