Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Rail Fence Quilt Block and Rug

Long strips of fabric scrap can be sewn together to get a really mesmerizing quilt block. Rail Fence quilt block is an easy to make quilt block, at least that's what I thought until i started making it with the most primitive methods available.

Ideally the rail fence design is made by sewing together 3 long strips of different fabrics and then re-cutting this band into squares. These squares are then arranged such that the strips form beautiful pattern and then sewn together to make a block.

I made this rug using strips cut from cotton pants and not 'so' cotton pinafore of my daughter. So, after a long time some recycling going on ...

What made the work easier was the firmness of the cotton pant even though the pinafore material was not very easy to work with.

Only the top part is done but worth showing off......... 


One way of making the block is to cut individual strips( what I preferred) to make a block.
Another method is to sew together long strips and then cut off blocks from it.

   Piece measures 1x 5 inches without seam allowance  

5 " finished blocks that actually measure 5 1/2 inches

More blocks ready to be sewn together

Gearing up to finish it as soon as possible. 

Update :

Added up one more column to the rug as this was lacking 'something'
 So, now it looks like this...


I used an old towel to make the backing.  

Cutting the thick edges help in easier stitching while joining the top and the backing.

I then folded the towel so as to get enough length and breadth to match the quilt top. 
The edges are raw and the fabric doesn't seem to fray much, so, I just left it the way it is now.

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