Friday, 2 December 2011

Filet Crochet : Introduction


Filet crochet takes its name form filet brode’(which means  embroidered filet), which it resembles.

 Filet actually means a net or lace with a simple pattern of squares.

The terms used are same as in regular crochet and the work consists of open meshes and closed / solid meshes.

The most satisfactory result is got by using the finest hook possible for the particular size of thread used. The finer the thread, the more intricate and good the work looks.

The work should be tight and firm, loose and stretchy work will not show the pattern well.

You can find the pattern here

Materials Required

Although any size thread can be used to filet , commonly used are thread size 10 - 100 .

Crochet hook:
A hook suited for the respective thread size should be used.  
For No. 10 crochet cotton, the crochet hook should be about No. 10, not coarser. 
For No. 30, a No. 12 hook, and anything finer can best be done with No. 14.

The best way to learn filet crochet is to take up a project with a simple pattern and start working . You will learn with each progressing step and row.


  1. Where did you get the three roses table runner for filet crochet? I am crazy that filet crochet of the three roses table runner!!! Pls give me the pattern.

  2. @ Deaf Heart Crochet,

    I dont know if I can publish the pattern on this blog. I will need your email id to sent it to that.

  3. I love the rose table runner! I have been searching the internet for a good rose filet pattern and this is the most awesome one I've seen! Are you willing to pass along your pattern? :)

  4. Royce,
    May I have the three rose table runner filet crochet also? With you instructions on how to get started, I would love to give it a try.

    1. Sorry , that I dont have the same pattern anymore. I will try locate it on the net and then post it here in this post.


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