Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Filet Crochet : Contd.........

Here I am after a not so long break , with the second row of filet crochet.

A Recap
I am working on this filet crochet pattern

In the last post I stopped with the completed first row . Here is the completed first row

Row 2 (Wrong Side)

Ch 5 , ( 3 Chains correspond to the first dc of 2nd row , and 2 chains for the open mesh)
Here is what it looks like

Chain 5 (first open mesh made ), then Turn

 dc in first dc of the first row ( first open block made)
You can also see how an open mesh is worked over an open mesh of previous row.

Ch-2, dc in next dc forms another open block.

This ( Ch-2, dc over next dc of previous row)  is repeated over the entire length to from another row with open block. And the result is ,

Second row completed

Row 3 ( Right Side)

As seen in the pattern, there is one solid block in the third row.
A solid block is made up of one closed mesh.
Closed mesh is made up of 3 dc.

Row is started with beg ch-3, ch-2 ,( dc in first dc of previous row, ch-2) 7 times , 
2 dc in the ch-2 space of the open mesh of previous round , dc in next dc, ch 2 ,*( dc in next dc, ch2),  repeat from * across, 
the last open mesh is finished off by making a dc in 3rd ch of the beg ch-5 of the previous row.

highlighted in blue---- one closed mesh.

one solid block is made

Though the closed mesh is made up of 3 dc , the solid block is made of 4 dc ( 3dc of the closed mesh , 1 dc of the next open mesh).

See how a closed mesh is over an open mesh

Completed Row 3

1. To make first open mesh of Row 2 ( ch - 5)
2. Row 3: First closed mesh made ( 3 dc) , 
Solid Block = One Closed Mesh + 1dc of next open/closed mesh( here next is open mesh) = 4 dc

Note : If you find any errors in the written  pattern  or anything that you don't understand , please let me know. This is the first time I am attempting  to write a pattern.

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