Saturday, 3 December 2011

Filet Crochet : Basics

Basic Stitches Used in Filet Crochet  

1. Open Mesh/ Space
2. Closed Mesh/ Block

Decorative Stitches Used in Filet Crochet

1. Lacet Stitch 
2. Bar
3. Popcorn Stitch

A Filet crochet is mainly made up of open meshes and closed / solid meshes.

 An open mesh will form the open space of the filet crochet , 

where as the closed mesh will form the solid block of the filet crochet. 

Open Mesh / Space

Open mesh is represented in the chart or diagram as open boxes. 

An open mesh is 1 double crochet stitch  and chain 2 ( 1 dc , ch 2 )

Closed Mesh / Block

Closed Mesh is represented in a diagram as Boxes with solid dots


 A closed mesh is made up of  3 double crochet stitches (3 dc).

 Lets see what other combinations of open and closed meshes look like .

1. One Open and One Closed Mesh

2. Two Open Meshes

3. Two Closed Meshes

4. Open Mesh, Closed Mesh, Open Mesh, Closed Mesh ( from right to left)

Similarly any combination of open and closed mesh can be worked , thus forming filet crochet..
With this much information I started working a simple pattern. I shall be posting about the pattern in the next post .

Lacet Stitch 

Lacet stitch is worked over two spaces with double crochet at both ends and  single crochet in the middle.

Filet Crochet Bar/ Double Spaces

Filet crochet bars (or double spaces) are long spaces that cross over the two closed meshes or open meshes or the one lacet, below the bar.

 to be cont.....

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