Sunday, 4 December 2011

Filet Crochet : Starting the work

See Crochet Basics Here
A pattern is needed to start the filet crochet. It is better to read from a pattern than written instructions, as it very much resembles cross stitching.

So, here it is. A simple rose doily pattern.


Materials used 

I used a size 5 crochet thread and a no. 7 crochet hook (the things available to me).
I used a thicker thread because this is my first attempt at filet crochet, so I wanted to make it as simple and easy as possible.

The markers ( bead pins ) used here are for illustrative purposes only and for understanding the concept better.These need not be used while  working a filet crochet.

Foundation chain 

First is to make the foundation chain.
The number of chains to make the foundation chain has to be calculated from the pattern available.
There are 25 blocks in the first row, as seen in the pattern.
Therefore the number of chains should be 25 multiplied by 3 plus one 

In short, foundation chain is made in  multiples of 3 plus 1

So, here I made 76 ( 75+1) stitches in the starting chain.

The next picture shows a bead pin marker placed into the 76th stitch of the starting chain.

This is the end of the foundation chain.

Row 1 ( Right Side)

As seen in the pattern , the first row contains 25 blocks which are all open meshes.

To begin the first row , chain 3 is made ( this is counted as the first double crochet stitch). That makes the number of chains 76 + 3 = 79
The white bead marker is still in place ( into the 76th stitch of the starting chain).


I placed another marker into the 3rd chain of the beginning chain-3

Next , chain 2 is made , which completes one open mesh .
with this ch-2 , total number of chains made becomes (76 + 3) +2 = 81

  The first open mesh is thus made ( dc, ch-2 )

To start the next open mesh , 1 dc is made, skipping 2 chains of the foundation chain, from the 76th chain (white bead pin). This dc is the starting stitch for the next open mesh.

In brief, 
 the dc is made in the 9th chain from the hook

one block is done

Chain 2 , skip 2 chains, dc in the next chain ( has been marked using the blue bead pin)

Second open mesh completed ( dc, ch- 2 )

Two blocks of open meshes done

In a similar way, the whole row is worked to get 25 blocks of open meshes.

Row 1 completed


1. Foundation chain made
2. Row 1: Open Mesh made----Beginning Chain 3 ( counted as 1 dc), ch-2 
                    Row finished according to the pattern


  1. I hadn't realised filet crochet was so simple - you're inspiring me to try it!

  2. Wow...great and easy explanation... One question.... can I fill in the empty squares with one colour and the full squares with another colour? How to make the change between the colours? Do you have a link or an explanation. I'm a beginner in crocheting and I would like to make a cover without empty squares but with two colours. I hope you understand what I mean... -.-*

    1. I was planning to make a doily with two colors ... will surely make one like this and post it soon

  3. You helped me with the question I was trying to answer how do i calculate how many stitches I need to start thank you so much. And being self taught this helped me a lot.


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