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Embroidery Stitches Used in Schwalm White Work

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Several types of stitches are used in Schwalm White work Embroidery.  
As mentioned in this post the stitches can be categorized as: 

This post will be mainly about the Surface Embroidery Stitches used in Schwalm White Work.

Reinforcement Stitches 
  1. Coral Stitch
  2. Chain Stitch

Outline Stitches
  1. Buttonhole Stitch
  2. Buttonhole Scallops - Pointed, Arch and Knife point
  3. Pointed Satin Stitch
  4. Eyelash Stitch

Decorative Stitches
  1. Satin Stitch and Padded Satin Stitch
  2. Herringbone Stitch and Interlaced Herringbone Stitch
  3. Daisy Stitch and Composite Daisy Stitch
  4. Feather Stitch
  5. French Knot
These stitches are just the beginning of white work. The surface embroidery stitches are followed by Drawn Thread work and the filling stitches. 

Filling Stitches  
  1. Basic Filling Stitch
  2. Marburg Basic Filling Stitch / Upright Cross Stitch
  3. Mosquito Stitch
  4. Four sided Stitch
  5. Waffle Stitch


Fernau, Renate. Schwalm Whitework, The Exquisite Regional Embroidery of Germany (1738). Berkeley: Lacis Publications, 2000. 

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