Sunday, 21 December 2014

Schwalm White Work : Joining Two Fabric Pieces

I have 4-5 pieces of this fabric that I wish to join to make a larger table cloth. I just tried to join two. First thing that has to be done is to cut the fabric properly so that it is easy to work the hem stitches. For this the fabric ends have to be cut along the grain.

How to Cut the Even Weave Fabric Along the Grain

Pull out one or two threads where the fabric has to be cut

Prepare the fabric ends this way to work hem stitch or 
Prepare the ends of both the fabrics that need to be joined.

Hem Stitch and Four Sided Hem Stitch

To join the ends of two fabrics you need to pull out threads from both ends, place it over one another work the Simple Hem Stitch. This anchors the pieces to one another, then do the Four-Sided Hem Stitch.

I really don't know if the simple hem stitch looks like this.
Four Sided Hem Stitch looks good.

Decorate the seam with the Herringbone Stitch ( here)

The White Work is getting progressively colorful ( not expected, though).

Planning to make the plain Herringbone Stitch an Interlaced Herring Bone Stitch.Hope this doesn't make it look crowded. If this come out good I will surely post pictures here.

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