Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Schwalm White Work Embroidery : December 2014 Challenge

White work has been such a divine form of embroidery due to its beauty and mesmerizing effect.Originally worked on white linen with white thread, this form of embroidery has broadened its possibilities.
For me it is definitely a challenge to do a white work embroidery.

Traditional design elements are based on the 'tree of life'. These include hearts, tulips, the sun, pine cones, flowers, fruit, leaves, tendrils, and the pigeon dove.

White work in itself is a wide form of embroidery involving many types of work. 
The different forms of works involved in White work embroidery are:
  • Schwalm White work
  • Drawn thread work
  • Pulled Work
  • Hardanger
  • Needlelace
  • Cut work embroidery
  • Richelieu
  • Reticella
  • Hollie Point




Schwalm White Work Embroidery

Schwalm White work embroidery includes  one or more of the following stitches or works:
  • The reinforcement stitches
  • Outline stitches
  • Decorative Stitches
  • Drawn Thread work and Filling Stitches
  • Needle weaving
  • Needle lace 

Materials Used 

  • Even weave fabric / linen
  • Thread  - Coton a broder is the ideal thread (like the divisible embroidery flossb but is non divisible). 
  • Needles - Chenille or tapestry needles depending on the work.
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Magnifying system esp for fine linens 
  • a seam ripper for drawn thread work ( I use a needle to pick thread and sharp blade to cut)


The First Stitches / Reinforcement Stitches

Stitch for outlining

Buttonhole Stitch / scallop  ( not the actual buttonhole stitch  but the blanket stitch)

Not very symmetrical though ( asymmetry accentuated due to the angulation too),
I am more excited to start the Drawn thread work.

To be continued.........


  1. Having never done any Whitework I'm looking forward to seeing your progression with this. My late MIL used to do cutwork and I still have one or two of her pieces. I really should broaden my horizons since I enjoy stitching. :)

    1. I am just trying it for the first time without any prior knowledge or exposure. Hope I would be able to finish this motif at least.

  2. I love Whitework and hope to teach myself during 2015. I have 2 books but feel I will learn more from you via your blog lessons. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Working with white threads is always a good experience. The buttonhole stitch is not properly symmetrical on the right hand side but it is looking very nice. I like to work with white fabrics and create colorful embroidery designs on it.

    1. yes... not very symmetrical ... a lot of excitement and hurry to get to the result. I should be careful next time.


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