Sunday, 7 December 2014

Schwalm Embroidery : Drawn Thread Work

Started the Drawn Thread Work!
You know the guts needed to start something so daring for an amateur like me who is just into Schwalm Embroidery due to its beauty. 

Materials Required

Seam ripper is the ideal instrument for Drawn thread work.
Mine being a fine linen I chose to use a sharp blade for cutting the threads and a needle to draw the threads .... very unconventional but I like it.

Decide on a Filling stitch

First thing is to decide on the filling stitch to be used. 
There are lot of filling stitches and I decided to do the Marburg Basic Stitch which seemed to be a bit easier and still beautiful.

Drawing the Threads

The stitch requires a 1-3 grid, which means that remove 1 thread and leave 3 threads.
I tried that but open space seemed to be very small for any filling stitch to be done so I changed it to a 2-3 grid ( remove 2 threads and leave 3). 
Unfortunately, nothing can be done to the rows where the threads have already been drawn.

After 2 days of working on this plus 3 days of fever.....
Still drawing..............

I cut the threads on the right side but draw it on the wrong side.

So far so good !

Drawn Thread Work Completed

Trim off the  drawn threads carefully

Update : Step by step illustration of drawn thread work.


Pick the thread up with a sharp needle or seam ripper and cut with a sharp blade on top of the needle to avoid damaging the other threads.
For convenience sake I pull the first thread on the right side , but ideally this has to done on the wrong side ( see the pictures below)

Start pulling the thread using the needle. 
Pull the whole length of the thread  using the needle on the WRONG SIDE. ( see the picture below)


 Continue picking and drawing the threads.

 Two threads can be picked and drawn at a time.


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