Thursday, 22 January 2015

Embroidery Stitches For Leaves : Fishbone Stitch and Variations - 2

* the pictures are dark due to bad lighting ( the sun is playing hide and seek)

3. Open Fishbone Stitch 

4. Leaf stitch

Leaf stitch is worked from bottom towards the tip.

The length a to c has to kept the maximum and continued up till the tip to get a good finish.

More embroidery stitches coming up....


  1. Thanks for sharing your stitch tutorials. I like seeing the pencilled lines. Though I'm not a beginner I haven't been able to keep the pattern true, so I'll practise with lines as I'm sure it will help greatly.
    The first time I saw lines drawn was on Needle and Thread- long/short stitch and realized it's not taboo after all. :-)

  2. What gorgeous techniques for embroidering leaves! I love them so much, thank you! :) Lisa


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