Saturday, 17 January 2015

DIY Kid's Craft Using Plastic Bottle : A ladybug

My daughter made some of it in the school and we modified it by adding the wings antennae and those eyes.

Isn't the ladybug cute.

Materials used

  • Plastic water bottle ( bottom part, the cap and curved side for the wings )
  • Poster colors (Black, white and red )
  • Small piece of newspaper for the antennae.
  • Glue ( anything that sticks plastics)


Cut the bottom part of the plastic bottle long enough that the cap of the bottle can be fixed easily on one side.

Cut the wings from the top curved portion of the bottle and shape it accordingly.

Paint the inner surface of the body parts with red poster color . Let it dry properly.
Add black dots on the outer surface of the plastic .
Paint the cap with black poster color.
Paint the eyes
Roll the newspaper tightly and fold and stick one side ( as seen in the picture) to resemble antenna. Paint the antennae with black color and stick it on the head using glue. 

Glue the parts together.

The ladybug is ready..........

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