Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Schwalm Whitework : The Mosquito Stitch

Mosquito Stitch is another beautiful filling stitch. The threads are drawn in a pattern similar to the Waffle Stitch, that is in one direction only.

Bring the needle up at uppermost row leaving just 2 threads on the right. 
Go back 2 threads on the right of the lower row and pick 4 threads.
 Pick 4 threads on the upper row as shown above.

 Continue working in the same manner.

One row completed. 
Turn the work upside down to work the next row.

As there are no more pictures , for convenience sake and understanding better I have graphically illustrated the next row from the middle of the second row. 
Just notice the place where the needle is brought up on the right side ( here at the BLUE DOT) . Then pass the needle under the 4 threads shown with the dotted lines,

Continue Working as shown in the pictures below.

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