Sunday, 18 January 2015

Solid Granny Square

How to Make 

Magic ring with Ch3

 Row 1: Magic ring , (Ch3, 1dc),  (Ch2 , 3dc) 3 times , Ch2, 1dc 

How to join with the new color yarn
while joining to the 3rd Ch of beg Ch 3 pull out the different color yarn

Row 2 started

Row 2 : Ch 3, 1 dc, *( 2dc, Ch2, 2dc) in the corner ch2 space,  dc on next 3dc, 
Repeat from * 2 more times,
( 2dc, Ch2, 2dc) in the corner ch2 space, 1dc , join with new color.

Row 3 - till desired : continue as above - dc on each dc of previous round and 
( 2dc, Ch2, 2dc) in the corner ch2 space, join.



  1. Royce, this is quite different for a granny square but I rather like it and see how it could be more useful than the usual granny for some projects. Thanks for your how-to - I'm definitely going to try it out. :)

  2. Avez vous des base point le crochet avec chema pour commencer merci


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