Monday, 5 January 2015

Schwalm Whitework : Four Sided Filling Stitch

When I first started Schawlm Whitework, I was not very confident nor was sure that I could finish even one motif. It does look very difficult. A good book with instructions and pictures does help a lot to learn the stitches. 

After finishing the circle motif I knew that I could do more so I added four tulip motifs to the corners and tried other filling stitches.It is really great fun and I do enjoy Whitework now.

This is the second filling stitch that I have tried and is called the Four Sided Stitch.

Threads are drawn in 2-3 pattern ( draw 2 threads and leave 3)

I have updated the Drawn Thread Work post with more information on how I draw the threads.

To begin, anchor the thread to the fabric under the chain stitch on the wrong side of the fabric so that the needle can be brought up to the right side in the right lower window to start the first stitch.

Begin the stitch at the right lower window of the first square and make a stitch as shown above and continue as shown in the pictures below.

The last stitch has to be made as indicated with the yellow line. 
It is same as the Picture no. 1 (sorry for the missing picture)
With this stitch the four sided stitch for the next square is started.

Making the next stitch

First Row Completed

For the next row turn the work upside down and work from right to left starting at the right lower window of the first square to be stitched.

Continue the stitch

A revision ....

Where do you bring up the needle to start the stitch?

Check below

Keep working till all the rows are completed.

I will be working on two more filling stitches - mosquito stitch and waffle stitch.


  1. I find this totally amazing .... and quite beautiful! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Kate!
      Wait, there is more to come.


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