Friday, 9 January 2015

Interlocking / Double Filet Crochet : January ' 2015 Challenge

A bit late but I am into the next challenge after the December' 2014 Challenge. The difference is that, this time it is going to be in crochet.

This month I am going to try  Interlocking crochet, an advanced version of the Filet Crochet

Interlocking Crochet is also called as the Double Filet Crochet.  The main advantage of this type of crochet is that reversible fabric can be created using this technique. 
This crochet technique seems to be very difficult and of course it is and requires much expertise. 
Anyways, I am going to give it a try and let's see if the result is fruitful.


Stitches Used in Interlocking Crochet
Horizontal and Vertical Moorish Pattern

My first Swatch where I learned the stitches used in Interlocking Crochet. 

There is no particular pattern in this and each row is a different stitch. So, it may not look so great. But the patterns that an interlocking crochet makes are wonderful.

 And on the reverse side


Check this beautiful design here


So, here starts my January 2015 challenge !

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