Thursday, 22 January 2015

Embroidery Stitches For Leaves : Fishbone Stitch and Variations - 2

Two other variations of fishbone stitch are open fishbone and the leaf stitch.

3. Open Fishbone Stitch 

4. Leaf stitch

Leaf stitch is worked from bottom towards the tip.

The length a to c has to kept the maximum and continued up till the tip to get a good finish.

Now the needle is at a point similar to point 'c' in the previous picture. Continue stitching as shown thereafter.

More embroidery stitches coming up....


  1. Thanks for sharing your stitch tutorials. I like seeing the pencilled lines. Though I'm not a beginner I haven't been able to keep the pattern true, so I'll practise with lines as I'm sure it will help greatly.
    The first time I saw lines drawn was on Needle and Thread- long/short stitch and realized it's not taboo after all. :-)

  2. What gorgeous techniques for embroidering leaves! I love them so much, thank you! :) Lisa

  3. belle demonstrations pour broder les feuilles merci

  4. Thank you for the lovely demonstration.


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