Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Interlocking Crochet : Horizontal and Vertical Moorish Lattice Pattern

The main post on Interlocking Crochet is Here

 Vertical Moorish Lattice Pattern

Horizontal Moorish Lattice Pattern

I selected Horizontal and Vertical Moorish Lattice pattern from the Interlocking Crochet book.

The first two rows were fine but from the start of the third row something was not right and I tried few times but was not getting the same pattern as shown. That is when I saw this page
The correction for the pattern was given here . From then on crocheting was just wonderful.

Tanis Suggests that you print the corrections page and add it to the book. (https://interlockingcrochet.com/interlocking-crochet/)

Still Working ..........


  1. This looks ever so pretty, Royce.

  2. I am unable to link to the correction so I can print it and place it in my book. Has the correction been removed?

  3. @ anonymous,
    I have updated the page with the Web address to go the correction page.


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