Sunday, 11 January 2015

Interlocking Crochet : The Stitches

The stitches used in Interlocking Crochet are :
  • Filet Mesh
  • Double Crochet in Back (DCIB)
  • Double Crochet in Front ( DCIF)
  • Front Post DCIF ( FPDCIF)
  • Back Post DCIF (BPDCIF)  

1. Filet Mesh 

Video showing how to make the Filet Mesh by Tanis Galik


2. Layering and The Double Crochet in the Back (DCIB) 

3. Double Crochet In The Front ( DCIF)

4. Front Post DCIF ( FPDCIF) and Back Post DCIF (BPDCIF) 

The DCIB and DCIF are the two important stitches used. 
The pattern that I am working on needs these two stitches. So, I will try to post about other stitches later.

My work so far.....

I am working on a pattern from the book Interlocking Crochet

This crochet technique creates patterns on both sides.

Row 1 with color A (light blue) completed

Which side do you like more?

Row 1 with Color B (dark blue) completed

More in the next post..........


  1. Looks lovely .... I think you like a challenge. :)

    1. Planing to learn new (challenging) things this year...
      Thank you Kate for being here.

  2. Interlocking crochet is the one I love to do, because no weaving of threads is required. I have done DCIB and DCIF from the same video tute. Excellent one. I am learning filet crochet from your tutorials. Thanks for the tute.

    1. I am really enjoying working the interlocking crochet.
      Good to know that find the tutorials helpful.


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